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Age 7: Tomorrow

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Que sera, sera…

What will the Future be Like in Manchester?

Urbis is the forum where pertinent questions about cities are raised and answered. The future of all cities fascinates us, particularly what lies ahead for Manchester.

Cities are defined by their collective psyche and Manchester is no exception; but how exactly can you define an instinctive Mancunian attitude?

Responses to this question will be found in 0161, a groundbreaking summer exhibition that has been developed from the testimonies and experiences of Manchester people. The exhibition will explore the industrial, geographical, historical and cultural development of Manchester and its residents.

Thinking about the future is inevitably thinking about advances in technology.

Community responses to city living were raised during last year’s Seven Ages of Manchester Festival. You told us your views on a range of topical issues concerning city life. You told us you wanted to see:

  • More parks & green spaces
  • More calm areas
  • Less car parks
  • Less cars
  • Less new buildings
  • Less disruptive construction work

Construction in Manchester


And what about being more concerned about Sustainability …

Cities in the future could be used as effective sources of renewable energy, with skyscrapers topped with wind turbines and clad in solar panels, and office workers feeding energy into the Worldwide Electricity Network through their Kinetic Mice and Dynamo Keyboards.

…what about if the car became a thing of the past with environmentally friendly Hydro Hover Trams transporting people between their various Life Zones in the blink of a computer enhanced digital eye?

…city buildings had communal roof spaces, with interchangeable holographic sports pitches, healing waterfall corners, extrasensory gardens and a full range of free leisure activities?

…local produce made a comeback, with Fresh Food Pods serving Micro Climatised Perfect Produce, grown in self-contained farm biospheres?

…living spaces became community centres, with zero gravity karaoke zones, virtual shopping district and meeting rooms which link up to other centres around the world?

…schools were revolutionised with Learning Pods which respond to students’ individual needs and Virtual Learning Booths that bring previously dreary subjects to life?

We must also look after our heritage, developing structures that sensitively live alongside buildings from the past. This doesn’t mean that new development needs to be dreaded though; Manchester’s future skyline should present a vision of old and new, adorned with art, colour and imagination.

How Will the Future be Represented at the 7 Ages of Manchester?


  • Futuristic Models Making of Manchester skyline
  • Mancunian Forum for the future
  • Gadgets for the future competitions
  • myartspace…in the city


BBC Radio Manchester - 2020 Vision

Being very much a radio station for today, BBC Radio Manchester is also looking to the future at this year's 7 Ages of Manchester.

BBC Radio Manchester - 2020 Vision wants people to write a letter to themselves in the year 2020 highlighting your hopes and dreams for Manchester fourteen years from now.

We need 2,020 letters to post into a special time capsule that will be sealed until the year 2020 and BBC Radio Manchester's Studio 6 will be at  7 Ages of Manchester offering tips and advice on letter writing.

In addition BBC Radio Manchester will be broadcasting live from the Festival. On Friday join Mike Shaft between 2pm and 4pm as he broadcasts live from Studio 6 in Cathedral Gardens while on the Saturday Talk of the Town with Anthony H Wilson will be coming live from the 7 Ages of Manchester stage between 11am and 1pm.

Anthony H Wilson   Mike Shaft

Anthony H Wilson



Mike Shaft


Where Can I Find Out More About the Future of Manchester?

Find more information here,
or alternatively

BBC Radio Manchester
Find more information here,
or alternatively