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7 Ages of Manchester Festival 2006


The aim of the event is educate and interest people about the history and cultural heritage of Manchester through an interactive learning experience and inspire people to take pride in their own culture and city.

We are inviting organisations to make a financial contribution to the Festival as a whole, or to one of the 7 Ages - whichever suits your organisation's interests. Our approach to sponsorship is a creative one - it is not about "cash for logo exposure"! Our aim is to work closely with you to identify creative solutions that will deliver the impact you wish to make - whether that is to emphasise key messages from your company, or to influence change within the community.


7 Ages of Manchester Festival 2005 crowds


The objectives of the event are to:

Attract an audience - children and adults - that traditionally would not visit museums and heritage sites.

  • Involve local residents in activities leading up to and during the event
  • Promote local organisational interest and seek sponsorship from local businesses
  • Raise awareness about the rich culture in Manchester and the surrounding area
  • Raise awareness of each partner organisation (local museums and organisations linked to each of the 7 Ages), their support and involvement to the Public
  • Support local businesses where possible by sourcing supply of goods and services
  • Inspire interest and build momentum through an intense marketing and pr campaign
  • Develop a sustainable event model for roll-out as an annual event

We aim to develop a creative and personalised solution in return for your involvement. In addition to the agreed solution, each sponsor will benefit from:

  • Branded Festival literature
  • Link from the 7 Ages website
  • Commemorative video of the festival
  • Invitation to post-Festival meal
  • Branding of the relevant 'Age' stand and close future partnership with the museum/ organisation 'Age' Partner (if linked to a particular 'Age')


Click the link below to see a video produced from the 7 Ages Festival 2005:
Windows Media: 12.3mb

To discuss how creative our sponsorship package can be, please contact:
Carole McKellar: 01625 267880 extension 201,
Fiona Pelham: 07980 651781,