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7 Ages of Manchester Festival 2006

Environmental Policy

The 7 Ages of Manchester festival team is keen to ensure that the festival has no negative impact on the environment.

Below is an environmental policy created specifically for this festival.


If you have any ideas on other ways in which the festival or festival team could limit their impact on the environment please let us know.

Contact with your ideas and thank you for your input.


7 Ages Festival Environmental Policy

  • Take the steps required to be a carbon neutral festival.
  • Promote public transport use.
  • Work with Manchester City Council and local companies to re use, reduce, recycle Festival waste in the most efficient and fun ways possible.
  • Responsible working practices used during the organisation of the festival.
  • Encourage partners and sponsors to write their own environmental policy for the festival.
  • Choose to work with 3 rd parties who have an environmental policy in place.
  • Use local produce.
  • Responsible marketing practices including printing on recycled paper, email marketing.
  • Communication to and education of festival team to encourage environmentally responsible behaviour


7 Ages of Manchester Festival 2005 crowds